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Hosted VoIP Reliability

Hosted VOIP infrastructure leverages industry leading hardware technologies provided by Cisco and Metaswitch to provide first class service, because your business telephone system is much too important to think of as some kind of "open-sourcemystery box in the office Telco closet." By migrating to the cloud, your phone service will easily combine the security of custom software and top tier hardware to ensure a better user experience that is an intuitive and powerful way for you to enhance your communication with clients reliably.

As a business owner or IT decision-maker you are undoubtedly doing your own due diligence right now to obtain the best cloud telephone service available. You might have come across a handful of 'Discount Hosted VoIP Providers' built on hacked-together open-source software which can be downloaded from the internet. Do you really want to trust your most vital verbal communications to an open-source community or a product created piecemeal by anonymous people for the purpose of providing minimal service to the home consumer market? Your business depends on your cloud service to be a whole lot more secure and reliable than that. Especially if you are in a industry that involves confidential information or private discussions that you would like to remain private.

Choosing Hosted VOIP cloud-based telephone service gives you the peace of mind that can only come from knowing your calls are being carried across a modern cloud network. Even in the event of a major node disruption, your messages will immediately and effortlessly transition to ancillary call paths capable of keeping your phone service active in almost any circumstance. Being ready for the unexpected is the difference between being unreachable, like so many other vendors on your client's radar during a time of crisis, and becoming the only reliable option available to service all of your clients' needs when they need you most. uses the best Telecom switching technologies from industry leaders with sterling reputations because it is a critical step toward delivering the clearest possible call quality, best network performance and HD voice reliability. That's why the entire voice network core is built with Metaswitch Network digital switching hardware. Metaswitch is the VOIP hardware technology leader used by 8 of the 10 top US incumbent telecom providers, and it has become the undisputed market leader in North America for VOIP Carrier Switching Hardware with a market share that includes more than half of all continental Telecom Carriers.

Hosted VOIP also backs up all of our Reliability claims by providing a network routing core that is entirely Cisco built. Long recognized as the most trustworthy hardware technology company in the connectivity marketplace, Cisco Systems continues to provide excellent communications gear that performs beautifully, even under less than optimal conditions.

In the rarest instance when a challenge arises, the entire Hosted VOIP network is LinkWatch integrated and backed by Amplified VOIP Engineers to reliably provide immediate solutions that are effective and secure.

Whether you are calling from New York City or the Appalachian Trail, HostedVOIP Cloud Telephone service uses Geographically Redundant Data Centers. So, if you or your clients are experiencing Snow Storms, Sun Spots, Electronic Interference or anything else in one local area, you can still Call With Confidence - knowing that your voice is being seamlessly rerouted through secure redundant channels that are working properly right now in other regions.

As a business owner, ask yourself: How many client calls can you really afford to lose? When you pick up your HostedVOIP phone to make or receive a call, our service always works reliably to connect you with your clients so that you can Call With Confidence every time.

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