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Professional Features

The concept of Cloud Based Telephone Service may seem less simple than it actually is if you are a new business and have not already become familiar with the massive number of companies that are already using Hosted VOIP services. By using a Hosted VOIP system, your business phone service is able to take full competitive advantage of a broad range of professional features specifically designed to increase your profitability and provide simple, scalable solutions to many aspects of modern communication with your clients.

Successful businesses often find that evolving your existing telephone infrastructure is even easier than starting a new one thanks to our five star Hosted VOIP migration support. Please review these brief descriptions highlighting some of the many features that are included as part of your Hosted VOIP service at no cost. if you would like more details or would like to discuss custom configurations, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may assist you even more.

Tollfree Calling

Unlimited Toll Free Calling wants you to Call With Confidence, and you'll always have cost-certainty because our calling plans are all built on per-user basis. Do away with confusing per-minute packages and complicated billing reports. Go with HostedVOIP instead, because if you can count how many telephones you have - you can calculate your own calling expenses in seconds. Everything is included for one simple, low rate whether you are calling clients in your own local area or across the entire continental United States. Best of all, your bill this month will be exactly the same as it was last month or will be next month unless you choose to change the number of phones in service. That allows you to budget better, make long term business decisions and engage in better business planning by virtue of knowing what to expect from Hosted VOIP every time.


Find Me Follow Me

Black-and-White Movies depict business moguls tethered to a desk by an old plastic phone cord. Fortunately, modern business owners have cut the cords and unleashed a new level of productivity by becoming part of the Always On generation. Whether you are closing an important deal in the office conference room, are on site overseeing key projects or happen to be engaged in top level sales on the back nine of a renowned golf course, you want your clients to be able to reach you - and your phone system should be completely agnostic about your present location. FindMe / FollowMe from Hosted VOIP empowers executives to go wherever business leads by provide the simplicity and connectivity you require.

Your phone calls can easily be set to forward to any other phone numbers via our simple interface so that when someone dials your number it can ring your desk phone, cell phone, home phone, phone on your boat, or anywhere else. Even better, the system can be set to prioritize locations and try your desk first, then cascade to the next option only after there was no answer or it can be set to universally ring all of the listed phones simultaneously. Since your Hosted VOIP service is cloud based, your voicemail is available from anywhere as well. That means your clients can Call With Confidence and know that they will reach you no matter where you are if you are available or be connected to your voicemail if you are indisposed at the moment.

Use the simple point and click web portal to control your digital presence and build your own custom rules so that each call is routed where you want it to go. These easy to create rule sets can even be set by time of day, day of the week and other factors that automate convenience and guarantee connectivity. As always, if you ever want assistance, just call us and we can walk you through the simple steps or set it all up to your exact specifications in a matter of minutes.

Find Me Follow Me


HD Quality

HD Voice Quality

HD voice quality allows you and your clients to converse with crystal clear clarity so that every word, cheer or agreement is audible. When closing a deal with an important client on a conference call, or discussing key details with your in house council, the last thing you want is someone distracting attention from the business at hand by asking "Hey, can you repeat that again?"

Hosted VOIP relies on leading edge technologies, years of experience and innovative industry best practices to provide your business with the kind of calling quality expected of a Fortune 500 company. Just how big is the clarity difference between high definition cloud-based voice service from and a traditional landline? Try one HD call for yourself and you'll quickly notice more than double the audio fidelity. More importantly, your clients will instinctively notice that you value their voices and are truly listening to what they say.


LinkWatch Online Management Control

Thanks to Hosted VOIP cloud based telephone service, which physical phone you use just became entirely unimportant. LinkWatch lets you stay in complete control of your operations with 360 Visibility and an completely intuitive Configuration Control Panel available from anywhere at any time.

Change user settings with just a few clicks, make adjustments to the call handling in real time from anywhere, view contact lists, listen to voicemail or adjust FindMe / FollowMe settings on the fly.

With Linkwatch you get real data reporting that allow you to monitor uptime, latency, packet loss and utilization any time. Set automatic alerts and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing it's all backed by the 24/7 HostedVOIP support team, including the best equipped and highest credentialed Telecom engineers on the planet.



Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email voicemail is available in automatically transcribed email formats that allow you to receive your telephone messages as text. Why would you want to read what you clients said on your voicemail? How about having the ability to quickly search through your own phone records for any word, name, number or data point relevant to your business! Every message becomes a written note detailing the discussion, time of call, participants and topics. That gives you the ability to recall events with confidence.

Read messages even when audible options would be impolite, browse conversations anywhere from your smartphone, access information your business can use to provide better service for your clients, and aggregate data using your own software to identify potential areas of improvement throughout your sales team. Faster, automatic, better... and it sure makes a lot more sense than asking your secretary to manually transcribe messages off an antiquated answering machine.


Auto Attendant Customization

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. When someone calls your company, how are they greeted? Your Hosted VOIP Auto Attendant can be customized with a few clicks to provide each caller with the fastest, most efficient and most profitable path to the correct digital destination. Provide the feature-rich functionality worthwhile clients expect by creating your own dial-by-name directory, nested menu systems and more. Connecting your client quickly to the person who can monetize the call best is the easiest way to generate positive ROI from your cloud-based phone service immediately.

Auto Attendant


More Features

Conference Calling

Save resources by using the power of your Hosted VOIP cloud based telephone system instead of complicated computer software or expensive conference room hardware. Temporary numbers, moderator functionality and pass codes are all included gratis.

Go Local Toll Free

For many businesses a phone number or a particular area code matter more than a mailing address, domain name or even the name of the business itself. Hosted VOIP provides you with toll free phone numbers to build your local digital presence for clients of any region or market you desire.

24/7 Support

Pick up the phone or send an email any time and our experienced network technicians will quickly assist you with any questions. Hosted VOIP gets you directly connected to someone who actually knows the answers because we understand that your time is valuable.


Call Forwarding, Hold, Redial - all the trivial things your landline phone can do are included for free with your Hosted VOIP service. If you don't see a feature listed, be sure to ask and we can show you how your new phone system will do it better, more affordably and easier than you ever expected.




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  • Cloud Based Telephone Service
  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • FindMe / FollowMe
  • Linkwatch Control Panel
  • Anywhere admin portal
  • 24/7 U.S. Based Support
  • Call Park / Pickup
  • Clearly Defined Plan Choices
  • Polycom IP Phones
  • Keep Your Existing Numbers
  • Mobility Services
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Hunt Groups
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Auto Attendants

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